Off-Site Rentals

Bring The Funhaus to you! We have a selection of inflatables that are available to rent at a an off-site location of your choice. Our off-site rentals are available for rent for a few hours or for consecutive days. 

Rent off-site inflatables for birthday parties, bachelor and bachelorette parties, weddings, family reunions and more. 


Pick Your Off-Site Party

The Basic Bouncer

Ideal for ages 2- 7


2 hour Rental Package includes: 

  • Funhaus famously popular Combo Unit and Toddler Bouncer inflatables

  • Measurements (Combo Unit:  18 x 20 Toddler: 12 x 12)

  • $600 Value, only $350!!



The Backyard Blast - 4 Hour Rental!

Looking to add a little extra fun to a milestone birthday, family reunion,  bbq, graduation celebration this summer?  We have you covered!

Ideal for ages  12 - Adult


Choose one interactive inflatable:

  • Combo Unit (18 x 20’)

  • Whack A Mole (14 x 14)

  • T- Ball (20 x 20)


Rental also includes:

  • Sumo Suit wrestling

  • Connect four and giant jenga


Rental drop off and next morning pick up available.

$1000 value, only $450!



The Slide and Splash - BEST VALUE!

Make any summer birthday or event a hit with our best summer offsite package yet! Ideal for ages 6 to adult.


This package includes:

  • 3 hour duration

  • Our famous super big blue slide

  • Hydroblaster (requires water hook up, view how this

  • thing works HERE)

  • Toddler bouncer / Bouncy Boxing (determined by age

  • ranges expected)

  • $1200 value, only $500!




Offsite Archery Tag

If you have ever played our licensed Archery Tag at our event center, you know just how awesome and intense this game can get! We have good news, we can bring Archery Tag to you, outside or at a different venue! Ideal for ages 12 to Adult.

  • 10 people: $150 an hour

  • 20 People: $250 an hour

  • 30 people: $375 for 2 hours


These prices include delivery and set up with in within city limits,

a referee for tournament style games and clean up.

The “Irish" Wedding Package

Provide your guests with a unique and unforgettable experience. Start building your reception with the inflatable Irish pub:

Start-up - $600
Pub only, set up, take down, cleaning, and delivery fees*

Build the rest of your package:


  • Bartender for up to 8 hours: $200.00

  • Table side games and cards: $50

  • Popcorn Machine: $80.00

  • 100 balloon bouncer: $300 (great for kids & wedding

  • party photos)

  • Sumo Wrestling: $150.00

  • Hyrdo Blaster & Pitch Burst: $200

  • Bouncy Boxing: $300

  • Inflatable T-Ball: $250.00

  • Themed Pub seating and lighting (prices may vary)


We pay attention to detail and will work closely with the Bride, Groom and their wedding party. Contact us today to discuss your event theme, and if we can help with any other behind the scene details.

Pub Website (1).jpg

Check out our Inflateables!

Justice League - Wet/Dry Slide Combo

This wet/dry slide combo includes a jump area with basketball hoop, obstacles, and a slide that can be used dry or as a waterslide! Bounce area has a roof. Dimensions are 20.5' long X 16' wide. Delivery and set up recommended.

Ultimate Sports Combo

The Ultimate Sports Combo gives you the ability to play soccer, basketball, volleyball, twister, or joust!! You will never run out of options with this choice!

Dimensions are 40' long X 20' wide.

Delivery and set up recommended.

Jimmy Choo Choo Train

A fun kid friendly obstacle course, with mesh sides so no one can fall out! 

Dimensions are: 42' X 12'.  Delivery charge and setup available.

Toddler Bouncer

Fits in most back yards, with mesh sides so no one can fall out! 

Dimensions are: 12' X 12'. 

Pickup and save on delivery charge!

The Meltdown!

This premier amusement park adventure will have your guests jumping or ducking under in this fast paced adventure!

Multi-Colour Bouncer

This family friendly bouncer is great for all kinds of events and fits in most back yards. Dimensions are: 14' X 16'. 

Pickup and save on delivery charge!

Slide Combo Unit

This bouncer fits in large yards, and has mesh sides for safety, inflated obstacles, a slide, and bouncing area! Dimensions are: 18' X 20'. Delivery and set up available!

Dual Lane Slide

Very tall dry slide with inflated sides for safety, great for events! Dimensions are: 40' tall X 28' X 20'. Delivery and set up available!

30 Foot Obstacle Course

This inflatable needs a large area to provide great fun. I has an obstacle course for the whole family, a climbing wall, slide, tunnels, and bouncing area! 

Dimensions are: 8 feet tall X 10' X 30'. 

Delivery and set up available!

Bouncy Boxing

This boxing ring fits in most yards and has mesh sides for safety. Great for teen and adult events! Dimensions are: 12' X 12'. Delivery and set up available, or pickup and save on delivery charge!

Sumo Suits with Ring

Sumo Mats fits in most yards. Sumo suits are great for teen and adult events! 

Dimensions are: 10' X 10'. Delivery and set up available, or pickup and save on delivery charge!

3 in 1 Games

3 in 1 inflatable fits in most yards. Throwing or kicking games are great for  all events! Dimensions are: 8' X 8'. Delivery and set up available, or pickup and save on delivery charge!

Touchdown Bungee

Touchdown Bungee will be at all RD Buccaneers football games at Foote Field in Lacombe, or rent it for large events! Dimensions are: 32' X 12' 

Delviery and set up available.

Basketball Bungee

Basketball Bungee will be at all RD Buccaneers football games at Foote Field in Lacombe, or rent it for large events! Dimensions are: 32' X 12'. 

Delivery and set up available.

Pool Ball

Great for larger areas, play pool with soccer balls! Inflated sides and pockets, look for it at RD Renegade soccer games or rent it for your event! Dimensions are: 30' X 20'. Delivery and set up available, or pickup and save on delivery charge!

10 Bubbleballs (Knockerballs)

Fits great in parks, sports fields, or indoors at the Funhaus.  Works great for events! Bubble balls are 48" tall and 20 pounds, and are recommended for older kids and adults. Setup and delivery available, or pickup and save on delivery charge!

Archery Games

Archery meets dodgeball in one of the world's fastest growing sports! Dodge, dive, and shoot your way to victory in this adrenaline charged activity. Please inquire at Funhaus about pricing and rental opportunities for our archery games equipment.

Funhaus On-Site

Hosting an event? You bring the party and we supply the fun! Over 8000 sqft of space divided into a multi purpose rec area, a private party room, and a cafe/bar. Hosting your event at FunHaus just makes sense. Please contact us to discuss what you have in mind.

Have a party planning question? Head to our FAQ page!